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Slide LEARN MORE When brands break.. Call filmMED filmMED will fix your brand so it’s healthy, active, and relevant again. START TODAY Slide LEARN MORE Your website should reflect your practice, not your competition. Many businesses use template websites that the competition uses, resulting in a whole lot of nothing. filmMED can help you spice things up and be original. START TODAY Slide LEARN MORE We don’t want to put a cone on you, but we might. Making a brand healthy and active again takes time. filmMED will get you back on your feet, running, and looking like a newborn pup. START TODAY Slide LEARN MORE Your patients want pics of you, not stock pics of creepy-smiley randos. We don’t just create amazing marketing campaigns, we also create original content: photo, video, design, web, and more. START TODAY Slide LEARN MORE Worried about new competition? filmMED can refresh your practice and keep it active, running, and relevant. BRAND SCAN Slide LEARN MORE Pull out your Phone. Look at your website. Is it mobile friendly, active online, has orginal engaging content and a CTA? I NEED HELP

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About filmMED 2.5D Animation Services: Branding+Creative: 2.5D Character Animation Our Role: Production from the storyboard designs to the final product including: Storyboard design, Graphic Design, 2.5D character animation, custom original music, editing and more. We don't just create amazing content for our customers we create amazing content for ourselves as well. SHARE       MORE WORK Ward PeriodonticsWard Periodontics Brand [...]


At filmMED we transform the way consumers interact with your business through brand strategy, creative experiences, innovative technologies and consumer engagement. All in all, we holistically analyze brands and help them get healthy and stay happy. {{ vc_btn: title=START+NOW&style=custom&custom_background=%23d9d9d9&custom_text=%23404041&css=.vc_custom_1491866457328%7Bmargin-top%3A+25px+%21important%3Bmargin-right%3A+10px+%21important%3Bmargin-bottom%3A+0px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+10px+%21important%3Bpadding-bottom%3A+0px+%21important%3B%7D&link=url%3A%252Fcontact%7C%7C%7C }}{{ vc_btn: title=Watch+Video&style=outline-custom&outline_custom_color=%23404041&outline_custom_hover_background=%23d9d9d9&outline_custom_hover_text=%23404041&css=.vc_custom_1492652363696%7Bmargin-top%3A+25px+%21important%3Bmargin-right%3A+10px+%21important%3Bmargin-bottom%3A+0px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+10px+%21important%3Bpadding-bottom%3A+0px+%21important%3B%7D&el_class=ryv-popup+aboutPageReelFull+ButtonBackgroundBlue }} What We Do filmMED is a global health-marketing leader, dedicated to creating [...]


Your local Brand Doctor Stay Healthy Active and Relevant in today's marketplace {{ vc_btn: title=FREE+BRAND+CHECKUP&style=custom&custom_background=%23404041&custom_text=%23ffffff&link=url%3A%252Fcontact%7C%7C%7C&css=.vc_custom_1493045719114%7Bmargin-right%3A+10px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+10px+%21important%3B%7D }}{{ vc_btn: title=WATCH+VIDEO&style=outline-custom&outline_custom_color=%23404041&outline_custom_hover_background=%23ffffff&outline_custom_hover_text=%2337b5d9&el_class=ryv-popup+servicesPageReelFull&css=.vc_custom_1493045725558%7Bmargin-right%3A+10px+%21important%3Bmargin-left%3A+10px+%21important%3B%7D }} Prescription for success filmMED will analyze where you need to go and then we'll take you there with: BRAND STRATEGY Strategic Development Research and Development Marketing planning Consumer insight Social Strategy Brand Road Map Consulting CREATIVE [...]


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Jeff Thompson Ortho Case Study

Jeff Thompson Ortho 360 Branding Services: Branding & Creative Challenge: Jeff Thompson Orthodontics reached out to FilmMED for a brand revamp to keep up with the market trends including; a Mobile friendly website, creating video marketing content, starting a blog and social media marketing and updating current logo and print materials. The challenge was creating [...]

Web Design

Strategy Depending on your target audience and what kinds of media they regularly digest, filmMED helps you create the right content and share it at the right time and place so that you can get what you really need: great results. Content Creation We produce our own content, but we also join up with social [...]

Fracture Central Case Study

Fracture Central Logo Design & Video Branding Services: Branding & Creative Challenge: Visualizing complicated surgical techniques, medical treatments, and prognosis to produce educational content for patients. Solution: FilmMED combined authentic stories from fracture central patients,  real world scenarios from surgeons and practitioners, and beautiful 3d animation to deliver content that connected, inspired, and informed. We transformed [...]

3D Animation

If you are a MedTech company, and you are still using brochures and pamphlets as your primary means to communicate your services, you are falling behind. Times have changed, and an entire engaging world has opened up. Now is the time to pay attention. 3D Medical Animation, as part of a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy, [...]

Video Production

Video Marketing Matters filmMED has over 15 years experience Sing-a-long jingles and print ads used to be the way brands became extraordinary. Now though, the most effective means of communication is accomplished through digital engagement on multiple level live Action Video Production Video Productions, via multiple platforms, with all-things video flexing the most muscle. We [...]


Ready for a Brand Checkup? filmMED's mission is to be the medicine for healthcare marketing,­ the creative vaccine and antidote to health and wellness branding. BECOME A CLIENT BUSINESSS DEVELOPMENT 1-844-filmMED Contact Us PRESS COMMUNICATIONS 1-844-filmMED Contact Us CAREERS RECRUITING 1-844-filmMED Contact Us JOY FRONT DESK 1-844-filmMED Contact Us   Name*Email* Company*Phone Number*MessageCAPTCHACommentsThis field is for [...]

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