Fracture Central

FilmMED combined authentic stories from fracture central patients, real-world scenarios from surgeons and practitioners, and beautiful 3d animation to deliver connected, inspired, and informed content. We transformed textbook information into 53 visually rich videos that shared the value of the fracture central experience.

The videos produced by filmMED have had a significant impact on the target audience of fracture central. Video solutions have helped in successfully educating and inspiring patients as well as promoting the unique services provided by fracture central. The video series we produced increased patients by 25%. https://fracturecentral.com/videos-of-hope/

Archie Heddings. MD
FilmMED has made a huge impact on my practice through its video education. We are extremely pleased with them and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to create video content for their medical practice.
Photography & Videography
Creative & Interactive Design
Branding & Logo Design

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