The Complete 180 Workout

This workout is meant to be done anywhere, anytime, and by anyone!  There are 3 different exercises that will challenge every muscle in your body as well as your cardiovascular system. This workout should be done with a fast tempo but under control, if you need a break at any point take it, compose yourself and continue with the rest of the exercises. Joey Thurman_180_01_small
The first exercise is a push-up with a oblique knee tuck (or peeing on the fire hydrant). Start with your hands about shoulder width apart, slowly lower yourself while keeping your abs engaged until your chest reaches the ground and drive up through your palms to squeeze your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Once your arms are locked out at the top position bring one leg slightly off of the ground and tuck your knee toward the same shoulder to engage your obliques, repeat the movement with the other leg and go back to the push-up. The first round will be 16 reps of this movement. Joey Thurman_180_02_small
After the push-up flip your body around so that your chest is facing the sky and your are on your palms and the soles of your feet (called a bridge tuck). Keep your hips up to engage your butt and pull one knee towards your chest to contract your abs and alternate sides until you reach 16 reps each leg for the first round. Joey Thurman_180_03_small
The last exercise in the first round is a split jump. Start with your feet staggered and jump upward so that you alternate the leg that lands to the front of your body making sure to have a soft landing so that your knee and hip form about a 90 degree angle. Repeat so that you compete 16 reps each leg.This is the first circuit in the 180 workout, take a few deep breaths and repeat the push-ups, bridge tucks, and split jumps for 14 reps each, then 12 reps, 10 reps, and finally 8 reps each so that you will complete 180 reps in no time!

This workout will leave you feeling accomplished, ready for the day, and very exhausted!


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