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Most people think that a great website is all it takes to drive traffic, get people excited and bring in new patients. Unfortunately though that couldn’t be further from the true. A great website that is just left as is will eventually become stale. Worse yet major search engines like Google and Bing are constantly looking to see how often you update your site. That means that your search ranking will start to drop overtime.


So how do you keep your website from going stale. That’s easy! Just make sure you are adding, updating or generating new content. Think of your site like a tree of knowledge and information for your patients. You should always be looking at what can be done to make your site better and bring more value to them. It may be as simple as updating pages as new information becomes available. Another great method for creating value is with a blog.


When it comes to your blog you want to make sure that you are generating helpful and useful content. It’s actually a huge part of what we do here at filmMED. When you are putting together a blog you need to have an end in mind. For example when I wrote this blog I was thinking about two things. The first is easy and the single most important of the two, “What can I share that will help my visitors to my site”. The second hasn’t become apparent yet, “how can I help my reader learn about a product or service we at filmMED offer that could help them”. In the terms of this post there are two thing that directly relate to this topic and how filmMED can help. The first is our website management and hosting service.


When we host your site we make sure that your site is not only keep up to date, but that we are constantly looking to optimize and keep things running smoothly. This is important to mention, because filmMED also offers managed content plans. We can help you with everything from updating your pages to creating and running a successful blog. To find out more about how filmMED can help you keep your website running it’s best contact us today!

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