Not all traffic is good traffic

It seems the world has gone analytics mad lately. The problem with that is that with all the new metrics the web has brought us many people are getting distracted from what really matters, getting patients and growing your practice. In fact if you only ever looked at one stat again it should be your growth. You should be asking yourself is what I am doing helping me grow my practice? Unfortunately there are many people that don’t understand that and as a result we seen a surge in traffic. It takes the form of getting a practice more calls and more website visitors, but it doesn’t always end up leading to growth.


Real quick lets stop and talk about what traffic is and where it comes from. Most of the time when talking about traffic it is about visitors to your website, but traffic can also refer to calls to your practice or even in some contexts patients or potential patients through the door. The important thing to remember is that in the realm of marketing traffic does not equal sales.

In terms of a website we would talk about traffic vs conversion. Conversion is when a visitor goes from being just that a visitor to becoming a patient. In a more specific sense you would look at conversion of items on your site. For example when a visitor subscribes to your newsletter they are converting. You could also track clicks on a phone number for your mobile site as a conversion metric.

So why doesn’t the phase “Any press is good press” hold up for traffic. The answer to this is pretty simple it’s about knowing your patient. The answer is pretty simple and it’s not something new. You need to get your message in front of the right person. For example if you are looking to cater to a sophisticated patient looking for cosmetic work chances are that traffic from people looking to price shop most likely isn’t your niche and they most likely won’t call to do anything except shop around. This can be made worse if you are paying for ads to be ran and that is the type of traffic that you are getting as a result of the ads. When it comes to driving traffic much like social media it is important that you know who you are targeting and that you are building what you do around them.

At the end of the day the traffic you get can either help you grow or become an expense with little return. Part of what we do at filmMED is to help you become laser focused on your traffic so that you are only driving the right traffic to offers tailored to them so you can maximize your efforts. To learn more about how filmMED can help you ensure you are getting the right traffic contact us today!

We have the right treatment to grow your practice.

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