Medical Reviews Killing Your Advertising?

Today, let’s address an issue that defangs the advertising campaigns of medical practices – I’m talking about negative medical reviews.

Like seemingly everyone else on planet Earth, I regularly scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or elsewhere on social media, and eventually come across an ad that piques my interest.

If it’s a medical practice with a great ad campaign, you know what I do? Probably the same thing that mostpeople do . . . I run a Google search for that business.

Google can be a business’s best friend or its worst enemy. Far too often, I’m left disappointed with what I find.

One of the first things to flash across the screen is the business’s rating or review score. It’s shocking to me just how many medical practices pump thousands and thousands of dollars into advertising, but don’t think twice about the medical reviews and ratings that they’ve received online.

The problem here is this: the thousands of dollars spent on advertising? It’s going down the drain. It’s not doing anything for the doctor’s business because when prospects find the business online, they see something totally different from what advertised.

Marketing and advertising are such powerful tools – in the right hands.

There’s an order in which medical practices need to go about these things. Branding and building a positive reputation comes first. Advertising follows.

And if your practice has accumulated a number of negative medical reviews, you might now be in full-on panic mode.

So, what am I supposed to do now? How do I possibly reverse the bad medical reviews I’ve collected?


A bad reputation is as difficult to shake as a good reputation is to build. But nevertheless, you need to fix your practice’s issuesbeforeyou try to advertise it.

At FilmMED, we provide solutions that can help your medical practice turn its online ratings on end.

FilmMED specializes in branding and marketing; but before we advertise your business, we’re able to work on your medical reviews so that you have an overwhelmingly positive reputation online before you start your ad campaigns.

Here’s how our process works:


Step #1: We Gather All of Your Medical Reviews


FilmMED will get you set up on Listing Cloud, which allows us to sync all of your listings online and begin monitoring them for poor medical reviews.

Step #2: We Build a Funnel to Generate Good Reviews

Next, we’ll bring in positive reviews from your patients and use our funnel to distribute them to various sites where your ratings are low, offsetting any poor ratings with glowing reviews.

Step #3: We Help Raise Your Overall Ratings . . . and Start Advertising!


After we’re able to raise your 1 and 2-star ratings to 4 and 5-star ratings, you now have a strong foundation on which to build your advertising campaigns. We will utilize Google, Facebook, and YouTube ads to generate site traffic, develop leads, and bring in new prospects for your business.

Remember – if your practice has negative medical reviews online, know that your advertising efforts are going to be in vain. Let’s turn around your ratings, so that you get the most out of your advertising!

Contact us today to start this process, or simply to learn more about how FilmMED can help your business grow!







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