4 Steps To Make Money in the Waiting Room…

The waiting room is often the most overlooked part of the doctor’s procedure rooms. Many people view it as a place where time stands still and where they have to wait forever to see their doctors. However, it is the perfect place for you to start making money and drive traffic to your website. On average, patients wait about 45 minutes in the waiting room which is more than enough time for them to absorb your marketing strategies. Here are 4 steps that you can use in order to start making money in the waiting room.


Install digital signage

In a waiting room, there is usually a lot of wall space and you should use this to your advantage. Install TVs or digital photo frames around the waiting room to advertise your brand and let patients know you are there for the long run. Make sure your digital signage is visible and that it attracts attention. Avoid wordiness – people almost always reject signs if there is too much lettering on it.


Create stunning and engaging content

Patients can only look through magazines so many times before they get bored and the fact that they are not feeling well might drive them even further away from reading. Keep on the digital platforms and use it to create interesting content with which the patients can interact with. This can be a series of wellness tips, it can be health education, or it can even be special offers on medication. You can also choose to go the traditional route and publish information about the company, advertise in your own self-published booklets, or make them aware of special events and offers that are occurring in the area.


Create website engagement

Every company needs a solid marketing strategy and this includes advertising your website. Make sure that you promote your website in such a way that people are immediately drawn to it. You can make use of techniques such as interesting content, an eye-catching layout, and special offers. A technique that works great amongst users is the fact that you can download an app in order to access the website. Make all in-app purchases have a discount or free shipping. This way people will immediately download it and interact with the content on your website.


Sell ad space

There is one thing that other people want just as badly as you do and that is to advertise their products on a trusted platform. Sell ad space to companies or organizations that are closely linked to the medical center, clinic or hospital. These can be pharmacies, a certain brand of medication, or even a non-profit organization aimed at promoting great health. This way you will be able to generate money whilst people are waiting for their doctor to come and see them.


Allow your waiting room to be revolutionized for patients and see how your profit increases! For more information or to learn more about Digital Signage please visit our website at www.filmMED.com.



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