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Depending on your target audience and what kinds of media they regularly digest, filmMED helps you create the right content and share it at the right time and place so that you can get what you really need: great results.

Content Creation

We produce our own content, but we also join up with social media influencers to get the job done. We make sure that the content we create for you is channel-appropriate and the exact prescription your brand needs to stay relevant. Videos, Instagram pics, articles, Live streams, Snaps, we do it all.

Content Management Systems

filmMED hosts creative workshops, brainstorming sessions, and training round tables so that we can collaborate with you and educate your team on content management best practices. In short, we’ll help your brand get healthy and then stay active long term.


Like a building a website is only as good as it’s foundation. That is why when we design web sites we look at the underlying architecture and ensure that your site will be be able to perform and behave exactly how you can expect.

Hosting & Maintenance

There is more to having a website than meets the eye. Your website needs an online home and someone to take care of it so it can perform at it’s best. At filmMED we not only specialize in web sites, but their care and upkeep. We can help make sure you always looks your best online.

Why Choose Us?

Because we don’t just create websites. We create your living, breathing active website that engages your patients every day

Pre-Designed Themes

Responsive Web Design

One-Year Hosting

No Search Engine Optimization

Stock Photos & Graphics

Stock Banner(s) for Header Images

No Google Analytics Website Traffic Reports


Custom Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Annual Hosting

Search Engine Optimization

Custom Photos & Graphics

Custom designed landing pages

Google Analytics Website Traffic Reports

Listing Cloud

Brand Strategy

Marketing Strategy

BLOG & Social Setup

Custom Photography

Email Strategy

Custom Video Content

Copywriting & Proofing

Facebook Re-targeting

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