• By Ben Nelson
  • January 5, 2017
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An online presence ultimately means a lot more to consumers than traditional forms of marketing. If you can’t be found online, you might as well not exist. Websites should be a familiar manifestation when it comes to your company and people should react to it immediately. However, there are many mistakes that people make when it comes to websites and consumers can reject it just as easily. Here are the 6 most common mistakes you need to watch out for.

1. Not hiring a professional
The first mistake business owners make is that they do not hire a professional web designer. Many people try to do it on their own in order to avoid extra costs, but this is almost never as easy as they hoped it would be. By avoiding the professional route you will run into a world of problems such as difficult navigation, downtime, and a lack in web traffic. A professional web designer will be able to take care of the major things such as domain registration as well as the smaller things like getting the layout absolutely perfect.

2. Making a website and forgetting about it
Another mistake business owners make is that they create a website just to forget about it. It is not updated regularly, it doesn’t communicate with clients on a constant basis and it is basically just dormant for the rest of time. Use your website to update your company details, to interact with clients and to make sure that the structure is in impeccable order if new clients visit it.

3. Not having original content
Copying content from another website is not only illegal in terms of plagiarism, but it is also very unprofessional. If a new client reads the information that you have on your website and sees it is the same as another, both companies will end up looking like frauds. Create content that is authentic, unique, and that appeal to your specialized target group.

4. No call to action
Writing a lot of information on your website is great if you want to spread the message of your business, but it is useless if there is not persuasive power. Tell your clients in no uncertain terms what they should do with the information they have just read about you. Invite them to a free trial, or to shop more regularly at your online store.

5. Not mobile friendly
It is a total disaster if your website is not mobile-friendly. The majority of people browse the web on their phones during the day, and if a website is not mobile friendly, the chances are high that people will reject the website completely. Mobile friendly sites are easier to navigate and it makes the client more open to accepting what you are promoting.

6. Using a free email provider as your company email
Free email providers do not belong in a business setup. It is unprofessional and you aren’t able to create a unique experience for your staff or your clients. Invest in a reputable email service to set up your email server as you need it.

Always make sure that your website is updated constantly and that it experiences minimal downtime for users to navigate without hassle.

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