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If you are a MedTech company, and you are still using brochures and pamphlets as your primary means to communicate your services, you are falling behind. Times have changed, and an entire engaging world has opened up. Now is the time to pay attention.

3D Medical Animation, as part of a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy, allows viewers to experience state-of-the-art, educational, and even highly-enjoyable visual presentations that relate to their medical condition or procedure. Static imagery just cannot compete with a dynamic, fully-immersive visual experience.

The medical industry is finally starting to notice the need for 3D imagery too. Not long ago almost all MedTech websites consisted of static imagery and “brochure”-websites. Now, many companies have caught on and have begun actively engaging with digital marketing for both B2B and B2C. These companies have realized the potential of the new reality we now live within:

  • The majority of Americans watch a video every single day.
  • Social media networks – like Facebook, Snapchat – have all doubled in user growth the last 5 years.
  • Facebook, for instance, clocked over 230 billion minutes of user engagement.

Oddly enough though, most MedTech companies, around 70% of the industry, still have yet to take full advantage of this. Recent surveys in the last few years have revealed the following about workers within the medical device, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical fields:

  • Almost 20% said digital marketing was not a part of their strategy to gain/retain clients.
  • Around 50% perform some level of digital marketing, but it’s hardly fully-immersive or 3D.
  • Many found their content to be un-inspiring, flat, and ineffective.
  • Only 30% update their digital marketing plans yearly to keep up with the pace of trends.

There are many advantages for MedTech companies to fully embrace 3D medical animation. In addition to increasing overall goodwill and brand awareness, 3D videos can have a variety of purposes, such as educating patients about procedures, informing physicians of trends, and even convincing potential investors to support your company. Additionally, there are many cross-marketing capabilities with just one video. Many images can be used for other marketing materials for trade shows, broadcast clips, social media channels, or even the more traditional, such as print ads and brochures.

If you aren’t convinced, ask one of your patients or customers to look at a static brochure, and then ask them to look at a video explaining something similar. See which one lights up their face and makes them more excited, engaged, and interested in the actual content being shared.

Actually watching a screw digitally fastening two bones together is always far more interesting than simply reading about it. It’s more of an emotional, realistic experience, and it allows the viewer to truly “digitally digest” more information.

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